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This is a place to get to see the people behind the names. A chance to see our graduates and students in action either with personal or professional images.


These images may be significant events recognizing contributions in representing the IIMQ community to the public. Some of these events may be speaking engagements, any special awards, and published materials. Pictures may also reflect personal accomplishments, travels, and interests.


Just let us know and we'd be very happy to share your success with our IIMQ community.



Hanging out by the waterfall during in Palm Desert.


Montreal Class

2005 MQT Graduates from Five Element School of TCM

Sifu and Woody relaxing after a hard day of teaching


MaryAnn receiving her MMQ


2004 MMQ Graduating Class

Sifu with Suzanne (L) and Francesca (R).


The kwoon (training room) at Sifu's.

Paula and Mona with Piccolo

Mollie receiving her MMQ



















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