Schedule Changes due to COVID-19

We have temporarily suspended all on site teaching due to the COVID-19 virus.  We are planning to resume teaching by the end of May.  All seminars have been rescheduled and pushed forward to allow students already enrolled in their programs to receive their training. Please take note of the new dates that are posted on the Calendar.

We have also scheduled a new P1 Seminar.  This seminar will occur in June and will immediately precede the P2 seminar, giving students a chance to receive 10 days of intensive training with no extra travel cost.  

This extra seminar means there is still time for new students to enter the MQP program for 2020, or simply come to learn the time honored health promoting benifits of qigong.

Advanced Medical Qigong

Please note date change!

This is an advanced training that will be open to MMQ and DMQ level students.  Students from other schools and instructors may be able to attend.  Contact our office for more information.

We are divided into pre- and post-heaven energies. We express both forms energy. Virtue manifests similarly in pre- and post-heaven forms. Post-heaven virtue is social conditioning and the societal application of its morality. Pre-Heaven Virtue is innate and called congenital emotion (integrity, wisdom, trust, etc.). Pre-Heaven Virtues are not emotions. They are state of being. As frequencies of awareness in our body, they manifest at the grossest level but their source is much more refine.

In Introduction to Chinese Energetic Alchemy (MMQ 1), we learned how to draw upon Heavenly energy from the planets, the moon, and the sun. While comparatively Yang in relation to the Earth, they are still Yin relative to other energies of Heaven in that they have form (a Yin quality). It could be said that the 3 Treasures of Heaven are Yin of the Yang potential.

In the most recent DMQ class, we began exploring these concepts. We began experiencing this potential. We began looking through direct experience through standing practice and dynamic practice. We extrapolated these energies in to clinical applications.

In this training, we will continue to explore the nature and resonance of Pre-Heaven Virtue. We will transcend the known labels and frequencies continually refining our awareness through direct experience.

Additionally, in the training we will also explore physical tissue manipulation via distant treatments. Specifically, we will refine our distant treatment skills to release impinged muscles, nerves, and manipulate the spine, hips, and neck. All this done remotely. All of this done without physically touching the client at all.

With ONLY distant treatments, I’ve treated many clients whom required spinal fusion, discectomy, and others surgeries for seemingly irreparable damage. Many these conditions were remedied completely while others saw a significant change. As for the need for surgery, for most, it was either no longer needed or postponed indefinitely.

Join us at our new facility in Tennessee for an immersion into nature and explore the depths and profundities which are available to you with proper training and insight into the unlimited energy’s which abound.

A $300 deposit is required for this Seminar. To apply, register here.  We will review your registration and if you meet criteria, you will be sent an invoice to pay the deposit. 


Event Properties

Event Date 05-27-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 05-31-2019 5:00 pm
Individual Price $1,250.00

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