AMQ: Advanced Medical Qigong

This will be an advanced training.  It is designed for students of Dr. Shannon who have gone through at least the MQP program, but is open to students of other instructors with prior approval. 

In this advanced training we will focus on refining skillsets that are hopefully already familiar to the student. Medical qigong is a skill that requires decades of work to truly master.  By revisiting foundational skillsets and adding layers of refinement to them, the student of qigong has the opportunity to achieve a level of mastery not often seen in the west.  We are the only Medical Qigong school to offer such advanced training opportunities.



September 13


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September 17

9:00am – Noon

18 Rules of Posture

The Power of the General Protocol

Subtle Mechanics


Medical Qigong Tissue Regulation


Migraine Protocol

2:00 – 5:00pm

Daoist Five Routine

The Power of the General Protocol

Nei Gong of Daoist Five

Nei Gong of Daoist Five


Secondary Protocol Template and
Clinical Q & A


7:00 – 8:00pm

Quiescent Training

Quiescent Training

Quiescent Training

Quiescent Training

Quiescent Training

18 Rules of Posture

This course will focus upon the most foundational methods of structural training: the 18 Rules of Posture.

Students are introduced to these on the first day of P1: Introduction to MQ and again later in T2: Daoyin Regulation and Qi Deviations. However, these are foundational skills that must be taught and received in layers.  Each layer of refinement adds significantly to the student’s ability to both cultivate and emit qi.

Join us as we review the basic levels of understanding and then go deep into the insights of standing posture with subtle yet profound refinements of the 18 rules.

As an example, think of all the nuances of “Rule 1- Feet Flat”: width, weight, and angle. How and why would they change? When is one more beneficial than another? Why is one method taught over another? We will go through all these differences with clear explanations.

Also, without proper “Rounding of the Perineum,” the fourth rule of posture, the breath and mind can NEVER naturally root and be at ease. We will share correct engagement of the perineum and the associated muscle both surface and deep. When this is done, the effects are immediate upon the breath, which deepens, and the mind, which clears without strain.

The Daoist Five Routine

The Daoist Five is the foundational Qigong routine for anyone who has studied with Professor Jerry Alan Johnson or his students. The potential for Neigong within this routine is significant. However, in order to access and utilize the advanced neigong of this set, the physical structure and movement must be precise. Without such an understanding and implementation the subtleties of the movement, this potential cannot be maximized or will be lost completely.

We will go through all the exercises within the “Daoist Five”, from “Pulling Down the Heavens” to “Turtle Breathing”. If there is time we can also have an in-depth discussion on the Microcosmic Orbit and its burn-in phase. Practices beyond the Microcosmic Orbit can be discussed, as appropriate.

Nei Gong of the Daoist Five

Having refined the posture and movement of the Daoist Five, we will extend the workings of this routine by training each exercise at a much deeper level. We will be integrating the deep muscles of the torso, the fascia, and using advanced structural concepts. Aspects of this training can be generalized to all qigong exercises.

In addition to the physical neigong, deeper mental training will be presented in a layered format. When one level of intention is mastered, another level can be integrated. Several layers of this neigong understanding will be presented, giving the student a set of layered skills that will work together to build a comprehensive focus.

The Power of the General Protocol

The General Protocol is often taken for granted.  Inexperienced practitioners often quickly work through it to get to the “real” work. This is an unfortunate and very mistaken approach. 

The General Protocol is an extremely effect treatment that can provide benefit for most conditions in a very deep way. In this module we will go through this protocol to show the tremendous power for change and transformation that it possesses.

This module will include table work.

Subtle Bio-Mechanics

This module will focus on increasing internal strength and the capability to hold the musculoskeletal structure with tensegrity (tensional integrity) in such a way as to greatly increase the practitioner’s ability to emanate energy and power.

When holding structure, one can use the mind to attain interoceptive and proprioceptive awareness of the body’s physical and energetic alignment in a direct way, sensing the ongoing need to make appropriate micro-adjustments of alignment.  By learning to listen to the subtle cues of the body, one can refine the physical structure to the point that all 3 frequencies of Jing, Qi and Shan can be emanated.

Holding the body in tensegrity establishes a whole-body connection linking the lower and upper half of the body, giving it the ability to express itself very efficiently.

The training methods needed to develop this skill are very specific and purposeful. These methods have been developed to help advanced student enhance their awareness of center and learn to ascertain the sensations associated with the correct structure and pathways through which various energies can be issued.  

This method has direct martial and medical applications.

Five Element Medical Qigong Massage and Tissue Regulation

The objective of these techniques is to influence the muscles, nerve fibers, and deep-lying tissues of the body in order to aid metabolism, stimulate energy flow, and to release deep seated emotions and stagnation.

A review of these techniques will be covered; including variations of applications and non-traditional methodologies.

This module will include table work.

Migraine Protocol

When people suffer from migraines, the pain can be debilitating. Migraines and headaches, whether mild or severe, affect the quality of our life because they literally shape how we see our world.

This protocol is highly effective! One such that a patient who needed vasodilators to reduce his almost daily migraine pain, went three weeks without any pain or need for meds after receiving a treatment using this protocol. As migraines are so common, having an effective protocol to work with them is an important skill set for any practitioner.

This module will include table work.

Secondary Protocol Template and Clinical Q & A

The myriad of secondary protocols can be summed up into a general template.  Once understood, the practitioner can use this template as a way to directly attend to client’s needs without being dependent upon a “step by step” protocol.  Utilized in such a way, Medical Qigong transforms from a science into an art. Having such an understanding is one of the ways is which mastery is obtained.

There will be time for specific questions regarding recommendations for your clients/patients.

Registration is required.

Students can attend the entire seminar, or come for $200 a day. We need a minimum of 6 students in order to hold this class.  If you are planning on attending, please register promptly. A $200 deposit will be required to hold your place in class.  

An invoice will be manually sent to you once your registration is approved.

This class will be held at the new Tennessee facilty. 

Event Properties

Event Date 09-13-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 09-17-2019 5:00 pm
Individual Price $1000 or $250 a day

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