ICMQ is Moving!

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    2019 will be a year of many changes for us!   The Temple of Peace and Virtue was able to fulfill a long standing dream and purchased 325 secluded acres in rural Bradyville, Tennesee, about an hour southeast of Nashville. It is a beautiful and secluded property that allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces. We are very excited about this transition and the possibilities that it will offer for our students.
    We are hoping to move the Medical Qigong training facility to this new property in Tennessee for 2019.

    Please read more for information on our transition schedule.

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T1 Advanced Diagnostics and Remote Treatments

This seminar offers the student an overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong. This course is designed to introduce students to the use of various sensory, intuitive, and perceptual skills used in the Medical Qigong clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Course content will include: 

  • Including Applications of Intuitive and Perceptual Qi Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis Based on Flat Palm Detection (Hand Sensing)

  • Diagnosis Based on Kinesthetic and Empathic Qi Absorption

  • Hand Diagnosis Based on Body Association

  • Diagnosis by Observing Aura Fields

  • Diagnosis Based on Intention

  • Long Distance Medical Qigong Therapy

  • Faith Projection

  • Negative Thought Projections and Medical Qigong Therapy

  • Auxiliary Medical Qigong Healing Modalities


Students will have an exposure to a variety of diagnosis methodologies and auxiliary medical qigong healing modalities.

Prerequisite: Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification

Event Properties

Event Date 03-05-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 03-09-2018 5:00 pm
Individual Price $1,800.00
International College of Medical Qigong
73145 Guadalupe Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260, USA
International College of Medical Qigong
1,800.00 $ 13

Dates for 2018 Daoist Trainings are now posted on the Temple of Peace and Virtue website.