Awakening Through Prayer

Awakening Through Prayer
Awakening Through Prayer

A literal translation of 体悟打坐玄法 tǐwù dǎzuò xuán fǎ, is Spiritual Awakening Meditation Method. 

体悟 tǐwù means spiritual awakening, but it is so much more. 体 tǐ means body, and 悟 wù means enlightenment. Once the characters are put together the meaning deepens.

体悟 tǐwù is not just a spiritual awakening through somatic experience. It is the culmination of past experiences through the five-senses distilled into wisdom. With contemplation, these experiences gradually bring our heart, mind, and body into greater alignment and flow with Heaven and Earth. 体悟 tǐwù is likened to rounding a corner and coming upon a vista with views for miles and miles. One’s views of life are broadened, wisdom realized, and an understanding of the universe glimpsed. It is not a destination, but rather a revealing of the fruits of a journey thus far.

In tranquility, serenity, and clarity, our practice continues to deepen and our experience of the universe leaves indelible marks upon our soul. This is 体悟tǐwù.

This practice offers the experience of 体悟 tǐwù through prayer and meditation. In this practice we focus upon the Three Pure Ones, (三清sān qīng) whose Light radiates, saturates, and embraces us as we are brought to continually higher states of consciousness as our spiritual nature is strengthened, nourished, and rooted within.

The Three Pure Ones are the highest deities in the Daoist pantheon, representing aspects of the divinity inherent in all living beings.

  • Lord of Primordial Beginning (元始天尊 yuánshǐ tiānzūn), also known as the Treasure of the Dao (道宝 dàobăo), oversees the earliest phase of Creation of the Universe and is the source of all truth.
  • Lord of the Numinous Treasure (灵宝天尊 língbǎo tiānzūn), also known as the Treasure of the Scripture (经宝 jīngbăo), separated Yang from Yin, the clear from the murky, and classified the elements into their rightful groups.
  • Lord of the Way and its Virtue (道德天尊 daòdé tiānzūn), also known as the Treasure of the Master (师宝 shībăo), brings civilization and spreads the Dao to all living beings.

Another way of looking at this trinity is the Formless, Form, and Teacher of both.

Reciting selected prayers engage the Three Pure Ones and lead into a deep profound meditation. Our spiritual nature is strengthened, nourished, and rooted within.

I have not offered this meditation practice since 2015. In the past, I only taught this practice to formal Daoist students, but I am being compelled to share it with anyone who is drawn.

No prerequisites for this class. All are welcome.

For those willing to earn  gōng, skill achieved through dedicated effort,

the impact on your energy, consciousness, and spiritual life

has immeasurable potential.

Understand the following:

  • This is not a beginning practice. If you’ve never meditated, this is not the place to begin. 
  • This training is for those interested in Daoism, alchemy, spiritual development, and an increased resonance and alignment with Heaven and Earth.
  • You need not be deeply versed in Daoism or qigong. However, some Daoist and qigong terminology will be used such as dantian, hun, po, three treasures.
  • Knowing Chinese is not required, but you will be learning prayers in Chinese. I will go over each prayer line by line for translation, pronounciation and understanding. 
  • The prayers are read in Chinese, NOT in English. Working with them in Chinese accesses millennia old stream of consciousness that will guide you. Additionally, the cadence and rhythm of the Chinese entrains one’s energy into alignment with Heaven and Earth.  

Event Properties

Event Date 04-16-2021 2:00 pm
Event End Date 04-19-2021 6:00 pm
Individual Price $800.00
Location Online Class: CST Time Zone

Important Information about Online Classes

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