United States Clinical Directory

United States Clinical Directory

The US Clinical Directory is provided as a service to our graduates who wish to advertise their services on our website.   Our listing of a practitioner on this site does not constitute a recommendation of that practitioner.  In order to be listed here, practitioners had to meet all requirements of our certification program and demonstrate competency in a variety of medical qigong techniques and methods. The ICMQ does not monitor or evaluate practitioners after graduation or certification.  
As an individual it is your responsibility, as with any personal service, to evaluate the qualifications of the practitioners listed and to determine whether a therapist or practitioner is appropriate for your needs. 
The ICMQ does not assume any responsibility for services provided by these practitioners.

This is not a complete list of our graduates.  It is a list of those graduates who chose to be listed, and who met the listing criteria.

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If you are a graduate of our programs and want to have your services listed on this site, please see the information provided on our Alumni page.

  • With severe health problems, the removal of my left lung and brain surgery, it was, at times, hard to breathe and I was depleted of physical energy. During my very first session with you I could feel the energy vibrate in the missing lung cavity. With subsequent sessions I felt many beneficial changes in my body, mind and spirit. I am now breathing more efficiently, have more physical endurance and my attitude is increasingly positive. Through my sessions and Qigong exercises I feel inspired to be a part of my healing process.
    West Covina, California
  • Bernard’s compassion and thoroughness with patients has made him a sought after practitioner.
    Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson
  • Bernard, I wanted to thank you for the Qigong treatment last weekend. The chest congestion I was feeling was alleviated and I was much more relaxed afterwards. As we discussed, I felt a warm, relaxing sensation in the affected area and that has lasted several days. I look forward to the next treatment. Thanks again.
    Laguna Hills, California
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