2019 will be a year of many changes for us!   

The Temple of Peace and Virtue was able to fulfill a long standing dream and purchased 325 secluded acres in rural Bradyville, Tennesee, about an hour southeast of Nashville. It is a beautiful and secluded property that allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces. We are very excited about this transition and the possibilities that it will offer for our students.

We are hoping to move the Medical Qigong training facility to this new property in Tennessee for 2019.

In order to continue our work in Tennessee, the ICMQ must be approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Council. We cannot advertise classes or programs there until the final approval from THEC goes through, possibly in October.  This will delay enrollment for 2019 trainings somewhat.

We will not be transitioning all the programs at the same time.  The DMQ program will not be offered in 2019.  We are going to transition the other programs first, and then work on the requirements for such programs as the DMQ.

Dr. Shannon WILL be teaching Medical Qigong next year, on the dates listed here.  We are just not sure at which facility.  And we will not be accepting formal enrollment in classes until later this year. Our admission  process is going to be more formal, for both new students and those transferring in from our California facility.  Students who have been training with Dr. Shannon in California should be receiving letters from us outlining those requirements.  If you have not received such a letter, contact our main office and let us know.

If you are planning on continuing your Medical Qigong training with Dr. Shannon through a DMQ program in the future, it is highly recommended that you contact our office and let us know so that we can reach out to you as plans are finalized. 

  • During the MMQ, we were exposed to prescriptive exercises and meditations and we thought we ‘knew’ them but the way you taught us the Neigong behind the exercises has made a tremendous difference. For example, the Neigong you added to “Pulling down the Heavens” connected me with Heaven, as well as, grounded and rooted me in the Earth so solidly that when I started my practice I immediately felt Qi streaming through me.
    Dr. Woody Swartz, MMQ, DOM After taking DMQ seminar
  • Once the Neigong was introduced to the exercises, they became alive. I feel like this has changed my life. This is what I have been yearning for. I don't have the words for how deeply grateful I am for you, and for what you have brought us. Namaste.
    Dava, MMQ, L.Ac After taking DMQ seminar
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