linda treatingThis is a 2,000-hour  DMQ certification program. The DMQ program requires the completion of 1,000 hours beyond the MQM certification, totaling 2,000 hours. This level is the most advanced and final stage in Medical Qigong training.

DMQ training ideally expresses the highest standard of medical qigong knowledge. DMQ students should humbly be the best of the best. They should express virtuous life principles that radiate into all their relationships and into their service to society.

Students will develop an advanced understanding of the body's energetic relationship to the physical structure, including mental and emotional disorders, as well as spiritual instigation's attributed to disease formation.

DMQ seminars offered will strengthen all aspects of one’s clinical and personal practice regardless of one’s clinical or cultivational emphasis.

Students will be evaluated on course material by the faculty and given oral, written and practical examinations.

Prerequisite for certification in the DMQ program is the successful completion of the MQM program OR concurrent enrollment.

This is a two-year program.

Application process
Students who wish to qualify for this program must be graduates the  Medical Qigong Master (MQM) certification program OR concurrently enrolled through the IMQC and have the permission of Dr. Shannon.

If you have not trained DIRECTLY with Dr. Shannon, you MUST attend the DMQ Prep Seminar.

  • During the MMQ, we were exposed to prescriptive exercises and meditations and we thought we ‘knew’ them but the way you taught us the Neigong behind the exercises has made a tremendous difference. For example, the Neigong you added to “Pulling down the Heavens” connected me with Heaven, as well as, grounded and rooted me in the Earth so solidly that when I started my practice I immediately felt Qi streaming through me.
    Dr. Woody Swartz, MMQ, DOM After taking DMQ seminar
  • Once the Neigong was introduced to the exercises, they became alive. I feel like this has changed my life. This is what I have been yearning for. I don't have the words for how deeply grateful I am for you, and for what you have brought us. Namaste.
    Dava, MMQ, L.Ac After taking DMQ seminar
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