This is a 2,000-hour Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (DMQ) certification program. The DMQ program requires the completion of 1,000 hours beyond the MMQ certification, totaling 2,000 hours. This level is the most advanced and final stage in obtaining certification as a Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Doctoral training, culminating in the DMQ certificate, ideally expresses the highest standard of medical qigong knowledge. DMQ students should humbly be the best of the best. They should express virtuous life principles that radiate into all their relationships and into their service to society.

Students will develop an advanced understanding of the body's energetic relationship to the physical structure, including mental and emotional disorders, as well as spiritual instigation's attributed to disease formation.

The oncology program offers students an in-depth study of each cancer’s energetic etiology; and how or why the energetic patterns within the human body can become influenced, corrupted, and create metastasis.

Although tailored to the treatment of cancer, the DMQ seminars offered will strengthen all aspects of one’s clinical and personal practice regardless of one’s clinical emphasis. Furthermore, student’s clinical externship and dissertation may be tailored specifically to the student’s clinical preference.

This program will focus on specific Medical Qigong treatment protocols in conjunction with Medical Qigong prescription exercises and meditations utilized in the treatment of various types of specialized diseased states.

The students will be evaluated on course material by the faculty (transfer students are evaluated on an individual basis) and given oral, written and practical examinations.

Upon completing the required courses and exams, extended research, clinical field studies, and a doctoral thesis, the student will be awarded a certificate as a Doctor of Daoist Medical Qigong from the International College of Medical Qigong. If the student is concurrently enrolled in the Masters program, upon completion the aforementioned certificate of completion will be awarded and DMQ certificate withheld until all prerequisite training has been successfully completed.

Prerequisite for certification in the Doctor of Daoist Medical Qigong program is the successful completion of the Master of Daoist Medical Qigong (MMQ) program OR concurrent enrollment. This is a two-year program.



Application process
Students who wish to qualify for this program must be graduates the Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) certification program OR concurrently enrolled through the ICMQ and have the permission of Dr. Shannon.

If you have not trained DIRECTLY with Dr. Shannon, you MUST attend the preparatory seminar.
DMQ Prep Registration Form

DMQ Program Application and Registration Form

At the completion of the DMQ program, the student has the option of chosing to also obtain a Doctoral Degree via a Chinese University and physician credentials for an additional fee.