Clinical Externship

In the clinical internship, the academic and theoretical knowledge gained in the medical qigong courses gets put into practical application. The objective is for the student to become confident in diagnosing and treating patients, as well as creating and maintaining accurate clinical records.


After completing “Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatments” (Course 2), the student should begin to treat patients and gain clinical experience. As the student gains experience and attends more advanced courses their knowledge and abilities will increase as will their abilities to diagnose and treat more challenging cases.


The student is expected to keep complete histories on patient which include patient histories, treatments, and prescription exercises. The “Patient Intake” and “Patient History” forms are provided below. These forms meet the minimum standard for use. If you use one that is more detailed, you may continue to use it.


The “Informed Consent” template below meets the requirements for practitioners of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in California as set forth in California Senate Bill 577 (more off-site). For practitioners in other states you may want to research this issue for your jurisdiction. However, I might suggest that you use this form unless you are told differently. 


Previous to completing certification for MQP, MQT, and MMQ, the student must provide copies of clinic log (verifying clinic hours), a sample of patient histories, and case studies (samples will be provided later).


Clinical log (PDF, 92Kb)

Informed Consent Template (MS Word, 36Kb)

Patient Inital Intake (PDF, 52Kb) formatted by MaryAnn Allision

Patient Treatment Chart (PDF, 334Kb) formatted by MaryAnn Allision


Case Study Samples (coming soon)




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