DMQ Program Dates:



Prep: 2.28 - 3.4

Part 1: 4.19 - 4.23

Part 2: 8.2 - 8.6

Part 3: 12.6 - 12.10



Part 4: 2.21 - 2.25

Part 5: 6.27 - 7.1

Part 6: 11.14 - 11.18





Doctor of Medical Qigong Certification Program

This is a 2,000-hour Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (DMQ) certification program. The DMQ program requires the completion of 1,000 hours beyond the MMQ certification, totaling 2,000 hours. This level is the most advanced and final stage in obtaining certification as a Doctor of Medical Qigong.


Doctoral training, culminating in the DMQ certificate, ideally expresses the highest standard of medical qigong knowledge. DMQ students should humbly be the best of the best. They should express virtuous life principles that radiate into all their relationships and into their service to society.


Students will develop an advanced understanding of the relationship between the body’s energy and it’s physical structure, mental and emotional disorders, and spiritual causes of disease formation.


The oncology program offers students an in-depth study of each cancer’s energetic etiology; and how or why the energetic patterns within the human body can become influenced, corrupted, and creates metastasis.


Although tailored to the treatment of cancer, the DMQ seminars offered will strengthen all aspects of one’s clinical and personal practice regardless of one’s clinical emphasis. Furthermore, student’s clinical externship and dissertation may be tailored specifically to the student’s clinical preference.


This program will focus on specific Medical Qigong treatment protocols in conjunction with Medical Qigong prescription exercises and meditations utilized in the treatment of various types of specialized diseased states.


The students will be evaluated on course material by the faculty (transfer students are evaluated on an individual basis) and given oral, written and practical examinations.


Upon completing the required courses and exams, extended research, clinical field studies, and a doctoral thesis, the student will be awarded a certificate as a Doctor of Daoist Medical Qigong from the International College of Medical Qigong. If the student is concurrently enrolled, upon completion the aforementioned a certificate of completion will be awarded and DMQ certificate withheld until all prerequisite training has been successfully completed.


Prerequisite for certification in the Doctor of Daoist Medical Qigong program is the successful completion of the Master of Daoist Medical Qigong (MMQ) program OR concurrent enrollment. This is a two-year program.



Oncology DMQ Certification Program

Application process

Comments from previous the DMQ class




Oncology DMQ Certification Program

The Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy (DMQ) oncology certification program will focus on the treatment of various types and stages of cancer, utilizing Medical Qigong treatment therapy in order to help rectify these conditions.


The oncology program offers students an in-depth study of each cancer’s energetic etiology; and how or why the energetic patterns within the human body can become influenced, corrupted, and creates metastasis.


Students will develop an understanding of the body's energetic relationship to the physical structure, including mental and emotional disorders, as well as spiritual instigation's attributed to cancer formation.


Also included in the oncology program are clinical protocols used for the treatment of scar tissue, organ amputation, and the treatment of various side effects caused from radiation therapy and chemotherapy.


The oncology program will additionally include the study of herbal prescriptions, diet, and social oncology needed to assist patients in their recovery.




Doctor of DaoistDaoistDaoistMedical Qigong (DMQ)

1000 Hour Certification Course


Course Name







6 seminars

Group study

Outside relevant workshops / seminars

Dissertation review

Total Lecture hours



DMQ Clinical Externship *











DMQ Total Hours


*Includes treatments and teaching of exercises specific to cancer

(may include classes taught at hospitals, senior centers, etc.)


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Application process

Students who wish to qualify for this program must be graduates the Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) certification program OR concurrently enrolled through the ICMQ and have the permission of Dr. Shannon.


If you have not trained DIRECTLY with Dr. Shannon, you MUST attend the preparatory seminar.

DMQ Prep Registration Form


DMQ Registration





Doctor of Medical Qigong Certification Program Fees

Entrance Exam - WAIVED



$2500 each

Conversion to a Doctoral Degree via a Chinese University and physician credentials.*


*This is optional.


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Comments from previous the DMQ class

It is hard to relay what can happen in a seminar, but so you can get a feel for what happened in the previous DMQ class, I included some snippets of the seminar and feedback received from the students. Please remember they are all graduates of the MMQ program.


I felt it imperative to first find out where the students were in their personal practice and what pieces we could add to take them to the next level. We re-taught the Daoist Five Organ Exercise Set and added several layers of Neigong for refinement.


“During the MMQ, we were exposed to prescriptive exercises and meditations and we thought we ‘knew’ them but the way you taught us the Neigong behind the exercises has made a tremendous difference. For example, the Neigong you added to “Pulling down the Heavens” connected me with Heaven, as well as, grounded and rooted me in the Earth so solidly that when I started my practice I immediately felt Qi streaming through me.”

- Dr. Woody Swartz, MMQ, DOM


“Once the Neigong was introduced to the exercises, they became alive. I feel like this has changed my life. This is what I have been yearning for. I don’t have the words for how deeply grateful I am for you, and for what you have brought us. Namaste.”

- Dava, MMQ, L.Ac.

Many of the students came in with confidence in ability to diagnose and find energy blockages, but by the end of the Intensive Seminar, the most of the students “actually” knew how to distinguish each Yin and Yang organ clearly with quick exact precision.


“I appreciate your ability to ‘see’ energy; seeing exactly what I was doing and guiding me toward improvement.”

- Dawn Metzler, MMQ, L.Ac.

We refined some of the more powerful Qi emission techniques, such as Thunder Palms and Energy Ball. By the end of the Intensive Seminar the students had greatly increased their ability to penetrate and concentrate energy. Most of them were able to send the energy through the patient with expert focus and able to modulate the frequency of the energy issued.


“I appreciate Bernard’s ability to break the movements down into simple steps, that when put back together with correct structure evolve into a whole new level of Qi cultivation.”

- Catherine White, MMQ, Dip ABT


“My clinical abilities expanded and deepened, as well as my ability to cultivate energy. I feel I’ve taken everything I already know up to the next level, and I love it!!!...Thank you, Bernard, for this session. I enjoyed every minute of it!”

- Hila Davidson, MMQ, L.Ac.

We worked treatment protocols specifically designed to get patients to release deeply held emotions helping them work through barriers that are stopping their healing process.


“It was very beneficial to me to review techniques that I have learned briefly, but did not use and therefore own…My personal cultivation was taken to a deeper level. Thank you!”

- Denise Douglass White, MMQ


“This was beyond amazing! Thank you! Thank you!”

- Dava, MMQ, L.Ac.

The following are just a few comments regarding my teaching style:


“Bernard is very gifted at reading people and changing his approach to meet each person where they are at.”

- Catherine White, MMQ, Dip ABT


“You have a relaxed and comfortable teaching style that creates and environment that allows learning to become a creative dialogue. I’m very grateful that you give us the gift of making yourself available to answer individual questions and help with individual development in addition to all you do for the group.”

- Denise Douglass White, MMQ


“You are patient, funny, and generous with what you teach. It is obvious that you really want your students to learn – and are not just presenting material.”

- Dawn, MMQ, L.Ac.


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