This course is designed to further the students understanding of the etiology and pathology of various types of cancers and tumor formations from a Medical Qigong and Chinese medical paradigm. Students are not taught to and will not diagnose, treat, or work directly with cancer.
This course offers a historical perspective on the theory of significant stagnation and provides possible tools to assist clients who might be going through a cancer treatment process.  Students are taught how to describe, assess and work with the underlying emotional root stagnation, using the language and model of Chinese Medicine.
Medical Qigong exercises are taught that can empower clients who are going through difficult treatments, as well as help them to address energetic roots of physical stagnation.

Course content will include:

  • Historical perspective and Chinese Medical Theory of various cancers.
  • Medical Qigong Approach to Cancer Self-Care Exercises

Students will be able to demonstrate and discuss:

  • Self-Care Exercises related to significant stagnation

Prerequisite: Completion of all required MQT Seminars

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