At the IMQC, we offer a depth of training unlike that found in any other qigong school. The roots of the ancient medical qigong tradition are the direct experiences of early practitioners of spiritual Daoism, shamanism, and of the internal Chinese martial arts. We offer training experiences and journeys that cover not only the highest quality Medical Qigong instruction, but also the roots of that tradition.

The principles underlying the teachings at the International Medical Qigong College (IMQC) are the Dao (the natural way of the universe), the theory of Yin and Yang, and the relationship of heaven, earth, and man. We hope that in seeking to live through these principles, we can support and inspire our students and patients to discover their true nature and utilize their talents to maintain balance in their lives. Medical Qigong knowledge exists to alleviate the pains of humanity, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. The IMQC's principle purpose is to enable students to obtain the academic and clinical knowledge to be a successful practitioner, but the curriculum is also based on the philosophy that through the healing of oneself one can understand how to help others. The emphasis within our school is on the cultivation of oneself and the comprehension of human nature.

Training with us is much more than just an education.   It is an opportunity to become rooted in spirit, and firmly established within the Three Treasures of Heaven, Earth, and Man. It is a journey of self transformation.

It is for these reasons that our students come from all over the world to train with us.