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expanding the rings 2 78x94The IMQC offers a multi-level certificate program designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong.

IMQC programs emphasize the analytical/deductive and intuitive approaches to comprehending and utilizing Medical Qigong therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. The experiential aspects of the course are well balanced with a solid theoretical foundation.

In our programs, learning to become an medical qigong practitioner is an integrated step-by-step process. Each class, each internship, and each experience builds on one another. This highly experiential training takes place in person at our Tennessee training facility. In between seminars you will have access to online resources, recordings and videos to help you master the material.

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Our curriculum is drawn from the knowledge gathered from several of the  universities, institutes, hospitals, and clinics throughout the People's Republic of China. It is fashioned after the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China.