This seminar offers the student an overview of the major principles and foundational structures that govern Medical Qigong, so that students can develop Students a deeper comprehension of the body's emotional, psychological and energetic matrix.
Deepening and expanding upon the theories and skills of purgation, tonification, regulation, and cultivation, students will learn to sense, differentiate, and move energy to develop advanced intuitive Medical Qigong skills to be used for assessment and Qi emission.

Course content will include:

  • The energetic formation of the universe and the human body;
  • Prenatal and postnatal energetic patterns;
  • Cellular vibration and the five energies of the body
  • Manipulating the Wei Qi fields
  • Palpate and navigate the current of Ying Qi, the Sea of Blood, the Sea of Marrow, and the center core of light
  • Taiji pole, the nine chakras, and the twelve gates of the Chakra system
  • Three Dantians; yin and yang aspects and energetic function
  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels: function, access, and use
  • Twelve primary organs, channels, and collaterals: function, access, and use


Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate Medical Qigong methods of accessing and using all energetic structures as outlined above.
  • Demonstrate Medical Qigong methods of opening and working with the Chakra gates.

Prerequisite: Completion of all required MQT Seminars


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